Sunday, March 9, 2014

Until recently, I have not seen myself as a “structured” person. I truly thought of myself as a person who takes it as it comes, goes with the flow – just lets things unfold.  Guess what? TOTALLY WRONG! I am a micro-manager. I enjoy activity & I make it happen. When my friends were saying, “Too many kids – too much activity,” I was saying, “I know! That’s what I LOVE!” If I don’t have something scheduled, trust me, I will schedule something. If there is nothing on the calendar – I will put something on the calendar. Yet, recently, I cannot plan anything without having to make numerous calls to cancel that plan. And therein lies the problem. I keep making plans and they keep getting canceled. “I’m sorry, I can’t make dinner tonight,” or “I’m sorry, I know I bought tickets, but now, I have to cancel.”

You’ve heard the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, make plans.”  Or better said by John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” That has been my life since November. Every time I make a commitment it gets squashed. Appointments by the doctor, by the hospital, by surgery, by physical therapy, by the visiting nurse (whom we thank God for daily!), don’t happen. The scheduled luncheon, or WORK? “So sorry, I can’t make it.” Work is something that I KNOW has to be a scheduled event; yet, lately – even that has been put on hold.  It has happened enough times that I have finally said, “So, God, what are You trying to teach me?”  Some things have to be scheduled!

The lesson, His lesson is:  ‘Go ahead, make your plans. Schedule yourself crazy from sun up to sun down and then, watch Me, let Me, teach you how to be flexible.’  I have canceled events for almost one month. Everything from political dinners, to lunch with the girls, to WORK (which really isn’t an option – yet somehow, that too, is flexible).

What I’ve learned in the last month is that: if I don’t have family/friends scheduled to come over – they come anyway. If I don’t have lunch or dinner planned – it happens anyway. If I don’t have a scheduled worship time – God makes sure that I get it. Via phone call, via mail, via email, via a visit – it happens. God continues to bring people into my life to let me know that He is watching out for us. “It’s OK; it’s going to be OK!”  You will get through this. Go ahead – make your plans; figure out the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘but maybes’ – then, watch Me. I will plan it better, and you WILL be blessed. Let it go. I am here.

My best laid plans have been surpassed by family bringing dinner, delivering Girl Scout cookies (when I’m trying to figure out how to pick them up); by co-workers telling me to “Let it go, I’ll open the office;” by visitors dropping by (I didn’t plan that – how did you know?), by my husband saying, “It’s OK – let’s just sit here and visit.”  And I didn’t do a thing. I just relaxed.

Guess my NO PLAN was A PLAN. Thanks, God!

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