Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Tonight, I have spent over 4 hours reconstructing our resumes. Why? Because a much-loved professor wants to nominate my husband and me for “Alumni of the Year” at the university where we spent 2 years together, unexpectedly. Really – you tell me how two people, 11 ½ years apart in age can attend college together.

It happened in what seemed the worst of circumstances, yet it turned out (as God would plan) to be the best-case for our whole family. My husband graduated from high school in 1962; I graduated in 1974. Yet, we both attended University in 1992 and graduated with Associate Degrees and went onto obtain our Bachelor of Arts in 1996.

We were the “mystery couple.” Many of our fellow-students thought we were having a sordid love affair. He would arrive in the parking lot and wait. I would arrive later in a van – and wait. I would leave the van and get into his car and we would share a few stolen moments of lovely, private conversation. Conversation about our 5 children and how they were when we dropped them off at Day Care or school. Conversation about our classes, our papers, our journals, all required so we could obtain our degrees. Our classmates thought we were having an affair; two people who met in the university parking lot separately and then walked into the school together, holding hands. When my husband posted an Anniversary Greeting in the Valentine's Day University newsletter to “My Wife,” our classmates were appalled!  “You are married?  And you like each other?” We had so much fun with that. Yes, we were married and we not only liked each other but we were still in love after 18 years of marriage, 5 children and losing everything (jobs, home) - back to what some would say, "square one." 

That was a good day. We had so much fun explaining why we were married, with 5 children and in college at the same time all these years later.  That day, we were advisers to our young fellow students who were dating, engaged, wondering…we were free to share our story of love, commitment, family. I hope it made a difference.

Now, 18 years later: two degrees, graduate courses, successful careers, 5 children grown, 2 married, 1 engaged, 1 committed and 3 grandchildren later, our University professor (one of the first ones we met), wants to nominate us as “Alumni of the Year.” Apparently our unique situation and story was not unforgotten. Tonight, I revised our resumes and what a victory it was - is! I can only hope that sometime in May or June, we will gather with our family and friends to celebrate that unforgettable time in our lives. As my former professor said, “Let’s re-tell the story and give it to God.  I think it will be an inspiration!”   So be it, if that is the case. I will be thankful,  Either way, I will be thankful; I am blessed to relive a time in our lives that was extraordinary. In fact, that is what I think my whole life has been!  

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